Rent an inflatable speedboat

with or without skipper for getaways in the Aegean islands

We provide the possibility of chartering the speedboat on your own or with an experienced skipper for private cruises. Plan your own unique cruise enjoying unforgettable moments with your family or friends! Each cruise adapts to your needs, interests and desires, according to your available time but also according to the weather. Enjoy beautiful lonely beaches, only accessible by boat, swim in crystal clear waters, enjoy the sun and the sea all alone, or experience unique moments on cosmopolitan beautiful islands! Excursions for underwater fishing in selected locations of the Saronic Gulf or in areas of your preference. Steep shores, impressive caves and deep blue-green water, are waiting for you to explore and discover the majestic seabed.



Excursion 1. Aegina - Agistri islands

Aegina is one of the most popular options for short getaways. Just 10 nautical miles from the bustling capital, the "Lady of the Saronic Gulf" offers its visitor a wonderful island fragrance.

Excursion 2. Poros island

Always timeless and imposing, Poros island emerges proudly on the southwest side of the Saronic Gulf, very close to the shores of the Peloponnese. The rare geomorphology of the island offers an incredibly attractive view..


Excursion 3. Petali Island - Panagia

It is a complex of tiny islands that emerge at the entrance of South Evia Just 13 nautical miles from the port of Rafina, the Petali islands is the ideal destination for a short one-day getaway.

Excursion 4. Hydra - Dokos islands

Hydra is a beautiful small island in the Saronic Gulf, an ideal destination for those who love nature and seek peace and relaxation. Arriving at the port of the city the nobility of Hydra emerges, revealing its beauty. 


Underwater Activities

For spearfishing lovers! Excursions for underwater fishing in selected locations of the Saronic Gulf or in areas of your choice.


Are you looking for an alternative way to reach your destination, avoiding the crowd and special conditions prevailing on the ferries? Our boat provides you a comfortable and safety transportation to the destination of your choice!



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