Day trip

Number of people

Up to 8


Aegina island

One of the most favorite options for short getaways. Just 10 nautical miles from Athens, the “Lady of the Saronic Gulf” offers its visitor a wonderful island fragrance.

Arriving at the port of Aegina, the all-white church of Agios Nikolaos welcomes every visitor. Colorful neoclassical mansions, traditional boats and one-horse carriages compose a nostalgic setting of a bygone era.

 Take a walk through the beautiful streets of the town, walk among the colorful yards and discover wonderful neoclassical buildings and monuments of a glorious past when Aegina was the capital of Greece.

Visit Aeginas Cathedral, which was built in 1806, the Eynardio School, the first neoclassical building of the Modern Greek State, the Kapodistrian Parliment which housed the first government of Modern Greece and Marchelo’s Venetian Tower.

Enjoy a romantic carriage ride and stop by the stalls where the producers of the famous Aegina pistachio sell their harvest and wonderful sweets at the entrance of the port. Don’t miss the opportunity to try them!


Moni – An exotic destination!

An island just next to Aegina, opposite to the picturesque shing village of Perdika. Its unique inhabitants peacocks, wild goats and deers make it a primitive beauty!

Blue-green crystal clear waters and pine trees reaching the beach, compose the majestic image of this place. Feel the magic, swim in this emerald water, enjoy the bright summer sun or cool down under the pines’ shade.

A unique worth living marine experience!



Departure from Lavrio

1. Aegina – Klima Beach

Our first stop will be the emerald waters of the most popular beach of the island, Klima Beach.

2. Moni Island

Next point of approach, very close to Klima Beach, is the island of Moni and its beautiful beach.

3. Agistri – Mariza Beach

Next stop, Agistri island and the wonderful Mariza Beach, where you can explore one of the island’s caves.

4. Aegina – Town 

Heading to the town of Aegina for dinner with its beautiful taverns, for a walk in the narrow alleys or as alternative, we can drive to the very picturesque village of Perdika.

5. Return

Return to Lavrio.


Facilities: Wifi, cabin, wc, shower, fully sun protected deck, TV, hair dryer, refrigirator, tablet - mobile charger.